Scholarships Granted

"Let’s directly start with journey, I remember my visit, I was totally nervous waiting on reception sofa. After my first talk with Mrs. Manjrekar ma'am I started feeling like I have mother to build me professionally. I had come for laptop funding in my 2nd year B. Tech IT, COEP but, Foundation started funding and guiding for my career. It’s been 6+ yrs. I am with industry, exploring the world. It’s very natural process foundation has to nurture students, that process gave clear idea about responsibilities including personal from ma'am's guidance and how to be on battlefield through Hrishikesh sir's mentoring. Prakash sir and Ravi sir are like Rays and Moon for me from Foundation family. I am very grateful towards complete Manjrekar foundation family for shaping me as person overall."
-Ganesh Avachare, R&D, V.M Ware

"Manjrekar Foundation took while responsibility of my graduation and supported me in my every step towards achievements. Foundation provided my fees, and the expenses of my food and hostel leaving while I was away from my home for my education. It's not just a foundation but it is the family which will support you till the end. I belong from very weak financial family where it was very difficult to complete my graduation. Manjrekar Foundation helped me not only financially but also mentored me through my journey of success. It's my family who supported me in every step of life while I was completing my dreams. I will always be grateful for their support."
-Shraddha Sankpal, Senior Software Engineer, Capegemini

"I love it! In 2013 Salunkhe Sir introduced me with Manjrekar Foundation and Shubhangi Mam. Since then I have been a part of the Manjrekar Foundation family. They had supported me not only financially but also they had taught me values to be a good human being.
Shubhangi Mam and Amar Sir are very humble and ground to earth. I wish all the best to the Manjrekar Foundation and lastly thanks a ton to their support. Because of the foundation I could complete my Engineering and currently working in a well-known R&D MNC company."
-Akshay Mandhare, B.Tech

"I still remember the day I got shortlisted for Engineering admission in AISSMS COE, but I was confused about how I could take engineering admission and how I would manage fees. I decided to go for BSC instead of engineering, and on the last day of the admission process, I came to know about the "Manjrekar Foundation," which helps students achieve their dreams. On that day itself, Prakash Sir and Ravi Sir did my document verification, and Manjrekar Mam provided me with a DD for my engineering admission. The Manjrekar Foundation not only helped me with my education but also made me financially independent. Currently, I am working as a Technical Lead at ADP with a decent salary. Everything I am today is due to the Manjrekar Foundation. I am always grateful for everyone from this foundation who came into my life and created miracles."
-Swarali Shirke, Technical Lead, ADP

"During MBA admission process I got informed about scholarship offered by Manjrekar foundation from college and with the help of college I got opportunity to get it. Manjrekar foundation groomed me a lot and helped me come out of my shell and do the things I was afraid of. The moral support they gave me, increased my self-confidence and now I am working in a reputed organisation, living my dream. Manjrekar foundation has indeed made a change in my life. "
-Balkrishna Patil, MBA

"I would want to start by highlighting the significance of the Manjrekar Foundation scholarship in my life. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife, and I grew up in a Lower Middle Class home. Nowadays, as we all know, securing Bachelors and Master's degrees in engineering is a difficult endeavour due to the high costs involved, especially if you choose to study abroad. As I previously stated, it has been tough for my family to support my desire for higher education. In this scenario, the Manjrekar Foundation has given me wings to soar in order to achieve my dream by providing a scholarship for the duration of my education. My family and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of the Manjrekar Foundation and will never forget it. Also, The mentorship program at the foundation connected me with an experienced mentor who gave real-world insights, assisting me in refining my goals and creating a clear academic route. By providing me the scholarship, I will be able to focus on what is most important to me for completing my education. Your financial kindness helped me get closer to my aims and dreams. This also promoted me to continue assisting others, and I hope that one day I will be able to help others accomplish their goals in the same manner that your foundation helped me. I am confident that one day I will be a part of this organization and will do everything in my power to help it reach greater accomplishments. Thank you so much again for keep believing and supporting me"
-Roshan Patil, M.s Operations, Germany

"I am profoundly grateful for the Manjrekar Foundation Scholarship, a life-changing opportunity that has made my journey through higher education possible and truly transformative. The foundation's generous scholarship covering my full MBA college fees had not only relieved the financial burden but has also ignited a passion within me to excel and contribute meaningfully to society. Support from foundation provided me the freedom to focus wholeheartedly on my studies, professional development, and personal growth.
Doing an MBA from the premier business school is a very costly affair. It is tough for an economically weak student to make a decision, despite excelling in the cut-throat competition. Also, there is a dearth of scholarships available for MBA courses, but with the help of the Manjrekar Foundation Scholarship, I’ve been able to pay my 2-year college fees timely and without burgeoning huge debt.
The MBA program helped me to grow professionally in my career and do the work I always dreamt of. It is not only the financial support that foundation provided but guidance and emotional support from Shubhangi Ma’am and Prakash sir helped me to sail through the difficult situations.
Finally, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Shubhangi Ma'am, Amar Sir, Prakash Sir, and the entire Manjrekar Foundation family for enabling me to pursue my MBA with a sense of purpose and dedication. I am honoured to be a part of the legacy of the Foundation and I am committed to making the most of this opportunity to create a positive impact on my future and the world around me. "
-Prabhakar Gund, Senior Consultant, Deloitte India

"I am Anupam Sanjay Patil from Panvel, Navi Mumbai. In 2018 I have completed my 12-board exam’s waiting for results so that I can appear for IMU CET (Indian maritime university common entrance test). As I wanted to join merchant navy. I decided to do B. Tech Marine Engineering course from Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies.

Institute scheduled entrance exam and interview at SIMS Lonavala, I cleared all the rounds and got selected for the next batch of B.Tech marine engineering BTech-09, but to confirm my seat I have to pay First Year fee in full at one time, as many students can’t tolerate the training and they leave the Institute in first year so institute policy is strict about taking full fee of first year.

The fee of 1 year is around 3,80,000 and 50,000 seat booking fee. My family was not having this much amount of money to pay to the college and they are thinking of taking education loan which is very long procedure and till that time college will be closing admission procedures.

My grandfather Anandrao Salunkhe told us about Manjrekar ma’am and Manjrekar foundation how they are building future of students who are unable to pay fees due to lack of money. I applied for scholarship in Manjrekar foundation after verifying all the documents and taking my interview they approved my scholarship for paying fee for first 2 years which is around 8 Lacs, My parents said we will save money for next 2 years fee.

This moment is unbelievable for me and my family as we couldn’t believe how someone can so kind in this era to pay huge amount of college fee.

Again, at the Covid time Manjrekar ma’am video called me and asked me about me and my family and also said if any financial problem is there let us know we will pay your remaining 2 years fee also.

I was so grateful that I have meet this much good people in Covid time everyone is thinking about own but Manjrekar ma’am asking each and every student about their condition. They treat every student as their family member and Prakash sir always keep connection with every student and track record of every student.

On 1st August 2022 my course BTech marine engineering got completed and I embarked first ship (Crude oil carrier) in April 2023 after getting all the required documents ready. Now currently I am working in ESM (Executive Ship Management) and sailing on MT. ALFRED which is 2018 built Dual fuel vessel (LNG & HFO) which is having one of the latest technologies."
-Anupam Patil, Marine Engineer

"The journey from despair to success is often marked by unexpected twists and turns. For me, that transformative path was illuminated by the benevolent presence of the Manjrekar Foundation. I want to express my deepest gratitude and recount how the foundation's unwavering support propelled me towards my dreams and aspirations.

-The Darkest Hour
In the initial chapters of my life, circumstances were far from ideal. With the absence of my father and a family struggling with financial hardships, my dreams of pursuing higher education seemed like a distant mirage. My diploma was completed, but the path ahead appeared hazy.

-The Rays of Hope
Just when I was about to surrender to adversity, the Manjrekar Foundation stepped into my life. Their financial assistance was the beacon of hope I desperately needed. It paved the way for me to embark on the journey of higher education.

-Academic Triumphs
With the foundation's support, I not only completed my graduation but also had the opportunity to aim higher. They provided guidance and resources for my GATE and ESE exams, resulting in achieving AIR 942. The doors to prestigious institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, and IIM Mumbai swung open, offering me choices I had never imagined.

-The Foundation's All-Encompassing Support
More than just financial aid, the Manjrekar Foundation became my mentors and guiding lights. Their unwavering emotional and mental support ensured that I never wavered in my pursuit of excellence. They provided not only financial assistance but also valuable career guidance and mentorship.

-Choosing My Path Ultimately, I made the life-changing decision to pursue an MBA at IIM Mumbai, a choice that would not have been possible without the foundation's support. Today, I stand as a testament to the transformative power of the Manjrekar Foundation. They didn't just help me achieve my goals; they lit the path to a brighter future when I had lost all hope. Their support, guidance, and unwavering belief in my potential have shaped my life in ways words can hardly express. I am eternally grateful to the Manjrekar Foundation for always being with me."
-Atish Patil, MBA, IIM Mumbai

-Avanti Jamdade, Process Expert, A.P Moller Maersk

-Deepali Sasane, Research Chemist, FHHL Lab

-Sayali Phadatare, Engineer, Futizsu

-Pranali Nikam, Engineer, Amar Builders