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Guiding Dreams, Empowering Futures.

At the Manjrekar Foundation, we believe in the power of mentorship to shape the lives of aspiring individuals and unlock their true potential. Our Mentorship Program is designed to provide guidance, support, and inspiration to young minds, empowering them to navigate their educational and personal journeys with confidence and clarity.

Mentorship Programs Spread Across

Your Chance to Nurture Dreams

Our Educational Mentorship program offers you the opportunity to make a tangible difference in a child's life. Share your academic insights, provide guidance, or simply be the supportive pillar a young mind needs. By joining us, you can help shape a brighter future for a student, assisting them in their educational journey.

  • Empowering Educational Advancement
  • Life-Skills & Personal Growth
  • Build Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Illuminate Career Pathways for the Aspiring

    The Manjrekar Foundation's Professional Mentorship program invites you to share your industry knowledge, expertise, and experiences with those eager to learn. Help mold the next generation of professionals, guiding them to find their true calling. Your insights can be the beacon they need to navigate the professional world with confidence.

  • Professional Guidance
  • Career Consultant
  • Recruitment
  • Become a Catalyst for Change

    Many dreams are halted by financial barriers. But what if you could be the bridge that connects ambition to achievement? By contributing to our Financial Mentorship initiative, you can ensure that monetary constraints don't overshadow potential. Whether through donations, offering fiscal advice, or fundraising, your support can open doors for countless individuals. Every contribution, big or small, has the power to bring dreams to life.

    A Nurturing Environment
    Our Mentorship Program fosters a nurturing environment where mentees are encouraged to explore their passions, interests, and goals. We match them with experienced and dedicated mentors who act as role models and guides, helping them overcome challenges and discover their unique strengths.
    Personalized Guidance
    We understand that each mentee's journey is distinct, and one size does not fit all. Our mentorship approach is tailored to meet the individual needs and aspirations of each mentee. Through one-on-one interactions and personalized support, our mentors provide a safe space for mentees to share their concerns, aspirations, and dreams.
    Empowering Educational Advancement
    Education is the foundation of success. Our Mentorship Program emphasizes academic excellence and supports mentees in their pursuit of educational goals. From academic advice to study strategies, we equip mentees with the tools and resources they need to excel in their studies.
    Build Confidence & Self-Esteem
    We believe that self-belief is the key to unlocking one's potential. Our mentors play a crucial role in nurturing mentees' confidence and self-esteem, instilling in them a sense of self-worth and belief in their abilities to achieve greatness.
    Professional Development & Career Guidance
    As mentees transition into the professional world, our Mentorship Program provides invaluable career guidance. Mentors share their insights, experiences, and industry knowledge, helping mentees make informed decisions and pursue fulfilling career paths
    Life Skills & Personal Growth
    Our mentorship extends beyond academics and careers. We focus on holistic development, equipping mentees with essential life skills, such as communication, time management, and resilience, that are fundamental to success in both personal and professional spheres.
    Long-Lasting Connections
    The bonds formed through mentorship often last a lifetime. We encourage enduring connections between mentors and mentees, creating a supportive network that extends well beyond the duration of the program.
    Giving back Through Mentorship
    Our Mentorship Program also emphasizes the concept of giving back. We encourage mentees, upon reaching certain milestones in their lives, to become mentors themselves, passing on the knowledge and support they have received to the next generation of aspiring individuals.
    Inclusivity & Diversity
    Our Mentorship Program is open to all, promoting inclusivity and diversity. We believe that mentorship transcends boundaries, and we welcome mentees from various backgrounds, cultures, and communities.
    Celebrating Success Stories
    As mentors witness the growth and accomplishments of their mentees, we take pride in celebrating the success stories that emerge from our Mentorship Program. Each achievement is a testament to the power of mentorship in transforming lives and empowering futures. Through our Mentorship Program, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, one mentor-mentee relationship at a time. Together, let us embrace the spirit of mentorship and empower the next generation to dream big, achieve greatness, and make a lasting impact on the world.
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    Customer Testimonails

    I am profoundly grateful for the Manjrekar Foundation Scholarship, a life-changing opportunity that has made my journey through higher education possible and truly transformative. The foundation's generous scholarship covering my full MBA college fees had not only relieved the financial burden but has also ignited a passion within me to excel and contribute meaningfully to society. Support from foundation provided me the freedom to focus wholeheartedly on my studies, professional development, and personal growth.

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    Prabhakar Gund,
    Senior Consultant, Deloitte India

    Customer Testimonails

    Manjrekar Foundation took while responsibility of my graduation and supported me in my every step towards achievements. Foundation provided my fees, and the expenses of my food and hostel leaving while I was away from my home for my education. It's not just a foundation but it is the family which will support you till the end. I belong from very weak financial family where it was very difficult to complete my graduation. Manjrekar Foundation helped me not only financially but also mentored me through my journey of success. It's my family who supported me in every step of life while I was completing my dreams. I will always be grateful for their support

    Shraddha Sankpal,
    Senior Software Engineer, Capegemini

    Customer Testimonails

    Let’s directly start with journey, I remember my visit, I was totally nervous waiting on reception sofa. After my first talk with Mrs. Manjrekar ma'am I started feeling like I have mother to build me professionally. I had come for laptop funding in my 2nd year B. Tech IT, COEP but, Foundation started funding and guiding for my career. It’s been 6+ yrs. I am with industry, exploring the world. It’s very natural process foundation has to nurture students, that process gave clear idea about responsibilities including personal from ma'am's guidance and how to be on battlefield through Hrishikesh sir's mentoring. Prakash sir and Ravi sir are like Rays and Moon for me from Foundation family. I am very grateful towards complete Manjrekar foundation family for shaping me as person overall.

    Ganesh Avachare,
    R&D, V.M Ware

    Customer Testimonails

    I would want to start by highlighting the significance of the Manjrekar Foundation scholarship in my life. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife, and I grew up in a Lower Middle Class home. Nowadays, as we all know, securing Bachelors and Master's degrees in engineering is a difficult endeavour due to the high costs involved, especially if you choose to study abroad. As I previously stated, it has been tough for my family to support my desire for higher education. In this scenario, the Manjrekar Foundation has given me wings to soar in order to achieve my dream by providing a scholarship for the duration of my education. My family and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of the Manjrekar Foundation and will never forget it.

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    Roshan Patil,
    M.S Operations, Germany